Daily Enlightenment With Matthew Ferry

10 Happy Thoughts You Can Think During Quarantine

April 2, 2020

10 Happy Thoughts You Can Think During Quarantine. These are thoughts you can think, right now, to shift your attitude and get back to feeling good even though you are stuck at home! Life can be pretty hard some times, and when it is, you can find things to be happy about; which will activate a whole host of powerful benefits. Thinking happy thoughts is not Pollyanna, it's not impractical, it’s not irresponsible or irrational. Actually, it’s pragmatic, effective, and frankly smart. Your dumb caveman brain, what I call The Drunk Monkey, comes preloaded with negative thinking because that was really important when your ancestors were trying to survive But today, you are trying to thrive! You may be in quarantine but you can still be happy. All the latest science shows that happy people solve problems faster, perform better and live healthier lives. That's good news for you. When the sh*! hits the fan, optimism solves the problems... not doom and gloom. So, Let’s think happy thoughts right now! Down load my free mobile app https://matthewferry.com/app

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