Daily Enlightenment with Matthew Ferry

The Rapid Enlightenment Process Explained

January 3, 2019

Enlightenment can happen in an instant. It's not a place. It's a perspective. Anyone can achieve this once fabled state using the four parts of The Rapid Enlightenment Process.

  1. Recontextualization: https://youtu.be/L5MK0j8loJw 
  2. Transcending The Unconscious Reflexes of The Drunk Monkey: https://youtu.be/4WBh8lQLe7A 
  3. Releasing The Hidden Motives to Survive from your consciousness: https://youtu.be/L94ErCt7xxE 
  4. Transcending Dogma: https://youtu.be/MWQpimasi2s 

When you do this, you are free from the negative thoughts and you experience a sense of bliss and oneness that can not be described in words.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process exposes you to a new set of contexts that naturally cause you to move away from survival-based dogma and into enlightened dogma.

Daily Enlightenment Ep.21


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Intention For Enlightened Consciousness:

  • Please set the intention for enlightened consciousness to flow through.
  • To experience the purity of consciousness.
  • To know that all is well.
  • To embrace life, people, and circumstances exactly as they are.
  • Please set the intention to release my need for things to be different.
  • To practice total and complete acceptance of all people, in all situations, at all times; Including myself.